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260 1st Ave. South, Suite 200-151,

St. Petersburg FL 33701

Simplifying Marketing 

Publisher/CEO Beth Ann Drake invites you to be part of this exciting glossy bi-monthly lifestyle magazine, available in print as well as online and in social media.

Ads That Just Work

Want to showcase your service, shop or product to a sophisticated hyper-local demographic in St. Petersburg and downtown St. Pete? St. Pete Life Magazine takes you there!

Multi Issue Discounts

We love to work with advertisers for the long haul and we reward multi issue advertisers with special rates. Get the most out of your ad spend.

Total Design Freedom

We have an in house staff to help you design your ad or place your camera ready ad as is. The choices and options are under your control.

Editorial Back Up 

Our editorial staff can work hand in hand with you to show further support of your ad program. When advertising and editorial content sync you get the best results.

Reach St Pete

St. Pete Life Magazine is delivered to the top affluent homeowners most likely to patronize our advertisers.  We mail to the top 30% of households based on home value and income. Our hyper-local approach focuses on the heartbeat of St. Pete, delivering relevant content to readers who live, work and play in our thriving city.


The Bogdanov family join us this year in our holiday issue showcasing some exquisite full body tattooing like we have never seen. Visit the site today.

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We are proud to be a part of St. Pete Life Magazine. Beth Ann has created an impressive magazine that highlights our beautiful city while allowing the local business community to reach out to their receptive readers.

Aretta Sevastakis 

VIP Eye Care & Optical Boutique

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SPLM is what ST.Pete was lacking for long time. It has been constant landmark of upscale creativity within our beautiful city since it's existence. It has quickly become the go-to publication for our informed residents, providing versatile and meaningful information with wide variety of social interest. For me advertising in SPLM is simply a must, it reaches the attentive well-versed demographic, and routinely I received valuable praise and feedback from my customers.

Megan Simons

Pippa Pelure Boutique

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St. Pete Life Magazine has allowed Sartorial from our inception to be credible and truly “localized” within the St. Pete market with our selective and discerning customers. 

I love hearing as I often do,  “I saw your AD in St. Pete Life Magazine”

Jose J. Martinez
Sartorial Inc 

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